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Posted: 25th Aug 2012

Hi Susie,

I just wanted to drop you guys a line to say thanks for a great course. The combined day skipper course I just completed gave me exactly the level of confidence and competence I was looking to achieve at this point. I didn't get to meet your other instructors but I would like to make special mention of how happy I was to have had Steve as my instructor for the two weeks. I was very impressed by his ability to cater to the needs of different students on three different courses simultaneously, no mean feat I think. I found his style of teaching ideal for the course material and it's real world aims. Not only managing to cover the syllabus, but also giving advice from his personal experience, he provided an excellent environment in which to experience the pressure of being a skipper. Looking back on the difference in my decision making between day 1 and day 10 I see a significant improvement, not only in the decisions I make, but in how comfortable I feel being in the position where one has to make these decisions. This is exactly what I would look for in any course and I put the main part of it down to good instruction from a very good instructor.

Thanks for a great couple of weeks,



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