BOS MCA Stcw 95 Basic Safety Training next Courses 23 - 27 February 16 - 20 March 13 - 17 April 201

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ImageFast Track Yachtmaster Students Fabiano, Mauro and Luigi all the way from Italy all successfully completed their MCA Stcw 95 Courses this week in Barcelona. Our next five day MCA BST Course runs from 23 to 27th February and then 16th March and 13th April. We run bespoke courses with a minimum of 4 students all Mondays. So please email us with your preferred dates or call +34 629 881 923 for MCA Stcw 95 Training. Additional Courses Proficiency in Security Awareness and Proficiency in Designated Security Duties 27th February. Advanced Fire Fighting Update 24 - 27 March. Book Courses Here or Email for Additional Information.

Blue Oyster January 2015 RYA Courses are Underway Barcelona or Gibraltar Power and Sail

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January BOS Crew Fast Track YachtmasterJanuary RYA Courses Blue OysterJanuary BOS RYA Yachtmaster TrainingJanuary BOS 2015 RYA CoursesJanuary BOS Fast Track 2015January BOS RYA Day Skipper 2015

Saturday 10th January RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Five Day Theory Course and RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Prep Week with Offshore Assessment on the 13th/14th January. Make an Enquiry or BOOK these Courses. Call +34 629 881 923 RYA Courses Start Every Monday Fast Track Courses Sail Motor and Power Boat Barcelona and Gibraltar PLUS MCA Stcw 95.

Blue Oyster RYA Fast Track Yachtmaster Ocean Theory Course Every Month! Next Ocean Passage Feb 2015

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Ocean Theory Blue OysterOcean Theory Blue Oyster Sailing RYA MCAOcean Yachtmaster RYA MCA Blue Oyster

Fast Track Students Mauro and Rob get to grips with their RYA/MCA Ocean practice sightings. Both successfully passed their RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory Course today and have received their Certificates from BOS Instructor David Gray RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Ocean Instructor/Examiner. Contact us for January and February Ocean passages and RYA Ocean Theory Courses in February 2015. Email here or call +34 629 881 923. RYA Yachtmaster Ocean can be added to any of our Fast Track Courses or as a stand alone module. RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Training with Blue Oyster Maritime Training.

RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Exams are in Progress Today. Book Your Prep and Exam Now for Feb 2015

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RYA MCA Yachtmaster ExamsJanuary Competent Crew Blue Oyster

Dear Susie, I'm writing to thank you for a wonderful time I've spent at your school during my RYA Day Skipper Practical Course. It's been the best week of my life! I've enjoyed sailing with you greatly. Warm and homely atmosphere, a marvellous instructor, a friendly crew, fabulous home food and, of course, sailing lessons made every minute of my stay unforgettable! Moreover, I've learnt a great deal in only 5 days (though I need more practice). I'm looking forward to sailing with you again in summer in my Coastal Skipper course!

Best regards, Vera (BOS RYA Day Skipper Saint Petersburg Russia January 2015 photo centre above right.)

Congratulations to Oscar in photo top left right side who successfully completed his RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Assessment and to our Chief Instructor Oliver RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Oral Exam with Blue Oyster today 15/1/2015 our first successful Offshore and Ocean passes this year! Well done from the BOS Training Team!! Email us here for Prep Week and RYA Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore/Ocean Assessment dates for Power and Sail.

BOS Professional DeckPRO Courses are delivered with MCA Stcw 95 BST Monday Starts!

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Get ready for work on a Super Yacht this year. Follow all or part of our DeckPRO Training and MCA Stcw 95 Training BOSyou'll be qualified in time for this season. In just 1 month you can achieve MCA Stcw 95 BST, RYA Competent Crew, RYA Practical and Theory PLUS Power Boat Level 2 all commercially endorsable. Contact us now for further information.

Hi Susie, it's Charlie Hale, just checking in to see if you are all ok and to let you know I just got my first job as a stew, I'm starting beginning of May! Thank you for all of your advice and I'm still going for deckhand but I need to get a season of doing anything first!

Hope everything is going well and that Harry is well to! Charlie

Charlie successfully completed her MCA Stcw 95 Basic Safety Training, RYA Competent Crew, RYA Day Skipper Theory and Practical at BOS. Congratulations on your new job Charlie! For info +34 629 881 923

BOS Barcelona Fast Track Yachtmaster Students Depart Port Vell in the Sunshine 30/1/2015

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Barcelona Fast Track Yachtmaster Students