December 2016 BOS Fast Track Students at Blue Oyster Sailing Barcelona and BOS Gibraltar

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Join Blue Oyster on 2nd January 2017 for your new career or gap year in 2017. Our students upon successful completion of their RYA Yachtmaster Offshore or RYA Yachtmaster Coastal Courses can look forward to an exciting summer on the water worldwide in 2017. Our first courses start on 2nd January 2017 and every Monday thereafter at our Barcelona Base. Contact us here or call +34 972 662 494. BOS Students above left to right John, Eddie, Johnathon, Patrick, Adam, Alexander and Harvey. RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore Exams 12/13/14 December 2016.

Happy Christmas and New Year to all of our Students at Blue Oyster Sailing 2016/17 - Enjoy!

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Congratulations to Eddie, Jonathan, Patrick and John (pictured below) who all completed their RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Exams last week. Sailing with us over Christmas week and New Year - Tony Keating and Family (all 5 from Switzerland), Aziz (Brussels), Deniz (Turkey and Ukraine ), Richard Trimble (USA), Fast Track students Harvey (UK), Ferran (Italy) and Alexander (Spain) plus of course the youngest member of our team here at BOS Harriet (Gibraltar, Spain, UK). Happy Christmas and New Year to all who have sailed and studied with us this year. Join us in 2017 RYA Weekly Courses start Mondays board on Sunday, Fast Track Courses any day subject to availability. Easy flights and transfers into Barcelona (BCN), Barcelona Girona (GRO) and Gibraltar. All courses are now Tidal we issue the same RYA Tidal Certificates to all Students. Call +34 629 881 923 or +34 972 662 494 or email here.

2017 New Year Sailing with Blue Oyster Sailing at our Barcelona Palamos and L'Escala Bases

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Blue Oyster Sailing - Christmas and New Year Sailing from our Barcelona - Palamos and L'Escala Bases warm Mediterranean sailing over the Christmas and New Year Holiday. Congratulations to Aziz and to Tony Keating and his family who all successfully completed their RYA Day Skipper Practical and RYA Competent Crew Courses. Blue Oyster open all year for sailing holidays, RYA Courses and Fast Track Professional Training. Happy New Year. Course information available here. Contact us on +34 972 662 494 +34 629 881 923 or +350 540 26326 For RYA Sail and Power Courses.